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  • Focus:

    Accelerated curriculum focused on science, technology, engineering and mathematics through project-based learning.


    Equip students with the tools that will prepare them for post-secondary learning and career opportunities in STEM fields with emphasis on engineering.

    “Join STEM and open a world of opportunities.
    Build, create, make and learn.”

    While in this community, you can expect to learn how to:

    • Use a 3-D printer
    • Utilize Vex Robotics equipment
    • Start and end a project
    • Build with your imagination
    • Work in a real world environment
    • Establish career internships
    • Program computers and circuits
    • Explore real-world problems via Project Based Learning

    And these are only a few of the possibilities


    Hands-on classes that benefit your future career engineer (electrical, aerospace, mechanical, chemical, civil), CAD designer, architect, astronaut, airline pilot and geologist.

    Career Certifications & Endorsements that would usually cost hundreds of dollars are provided for free.

    “STEM teaches us to

    - Student Ambassadors of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Community