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  • Focus:

    An innovative curriculum in entrepreneurship, business and industry.



    Develop entrepreneurship skills in business creation, production planning and related careers.

    “All that was previously seen as impossible will begin to open up and the sky’s the limit!”

    While in this community, you can expect to learn how to:

    • Be inventive
    • Problem solve
    • Start and end a project
    • Write a Business Plan
    • Run a real business
    • Become an entrepreneur
    • Run a courtroom
    • Manufacture products

    And these are only a few of the possibilities



    Hands-on classes that benefit your future career business owner, lawyer, marketing specialist, electrician, carpenter, police officer, chef, hotel manager, digital fashion designer and automotive diagnostician.

    Career Certifications & Endorsements that would usually cost hundreds of dollars are provided for free.

    “You can and will be capable of doing anything that you put your mind to if you take advantage of it!  Tere is no such thing as impossible.”
    - Student Ambassadors of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Community