• About Ball High School

  • School Summary

    Ball High School is located at 4115 AVE O, GALVESTON, TX, 77550. The school is part of GALVESTON ISD. 
    To contact the school, call (409) 766-5700. 

  • Teachers

    Ball High School employs 129 teachers, who have been with the school an average of 8 years. The teachers average 13 years of experience in teaching. The school currently has 1,935 students with a student to teacher ratio of 15.00 S/T. The special education division has 4 teachers assisting it. Ball High School also employs 9 education aids.

Ball High School Building
Ball High General Information

    Accountability Rating of Ball High School:  4/4

    Performance Index: 4 stars

Performance Index

    Distinction Designations 1/7 1 Medal.jpg

    Read/ELA: Grey X

    Mathematic: Grey X

    Science: Green Check Mark

    Social Studies:Grey X

    Top 25% Student Progress: Grey X

    Post Secondary: Grey X

    Top 25% Closing Performance Gaps:  Grey X


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