Degrees and Certifications:

BFA Art and Design w/ EC-12 Certification

Mr. Christian Baker

Art Teacher 
Hi, my name is Christian Baker. I have been an art teacher at Ball High since 2018, and was even mentored here the year before that! My main goal in art is to incite people to create art in their own image, not by simply following a set pattern or technique, but learning the technique, and then applying it to a prompt that inspires them to take the initiative with composition, material, and message. I am a dad to three cats, and spend most of my free time playing games, cosplaying, or making even more art! My ultimate philosophy is this: expectations create disappointment. Setting a mental expectation that is not vocalized will only disappoint one’s self, and expectations not met that are vocalized create disappointment. The catch with this philosophy is the communication that’s created to prevent disappointment, that part is essential to making sure feelings/actions are not misplaced, and expectations are clear and can be met, whether that is in a personal relationship or a teacher-student relationship regarding punctuality and accuracy with assignments.