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    GT Student Advisory Group

    GT Student Advisory 2019-20

    The purpose of this committee is to empower student voices. Austin encourages GT students to participate in this unique opportunity to practice leadership and self-advocacy in a safe and supportive setting. Each year, twelve students (three students from each grade level) are selected based upon application essays and teacher recommendations. The GTSA group meets with our administration team once a month during the Homeroom Period.

    8th grade: Eliran Amsallem, Dayquis Harbin, Katherine Shotwell

    7th grade:  Lillian Grimes, Zya Williams, Milo Marks

    6th grade: Adele Brown, Keira Brown, Diego Painter

    5th grade: Kylie Garvin, David Peniche, Ariza Nolasco


    Sponsor: Mrs. Elizabeth Brown