The assessment department provides the following services to our schools and their students:

    • Coordination of district, state and national assessments
    • Data analysis and reporting
    • Student performance data systems
    • Support for classroom, common and formative assessment
    • Facilitation of data-driven decision-making, research, and school improvement planning
     Assessment Beliefs
    • Assessment is an on-going, spiraling, data driven process that guides instruction.
    • Assessment is a balance between “of” learning and “for” learning.
    • Assessment quality is more important than quantity.
    • Assessments ensure that learners have a clear understanding of what they have learned and why.
    • Assessment is aligned and integrated with curriculum.
    • Assessment is essential for learner and educator accountability.
    • Assessment promotes greater learning and growth through differentiated, yet respectful, tasks.
    • Assessments should include opportunities for learner self-reflection.
    • Assessments are a form of communication.
    • Grades communicate student achievement relative to standards.