• Our gifted and talented students are provided rigorous learning experiences. Students have the opportunity to participate in accelerated courses. Acceleration of math and science begins at 6th grade with students taking 6 grade Math and Science integrated with 7th grade knowledge and skills. 7th graders take Pre-Algebra and Science, while 8th graders take Algebra I and Biology.

    Students produce advanced-level projects during core content and/or elective classrooms. Through advanced-level projects, students continue to develop their talents and are provided a broad range of experiences. Students research topics of study using a variety of protocols to access information. Using the research information, students create quality work in alignment to the Texas State Plan for Education of Gifted/Talent Students. Students present projects to their peers and community members.

    Teachers work collaboratively with the advanced academics specialist to expand the required curriculum into high quality/high interest instructional plans. 


    TEA Gifted Education  

    Texas Gifted and Talented


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