Degrees and Certifications:

Master Degree of University Houston Bachelor of Geology, Wuhan Institute of Technology, P. R. China, 1991-1995 Master degree University of Houston Certificate-Texas Chinese teacher certificate (EC-12 ) Certificate-Texas ESL (EC-12) Certificate-AP Chinese of College Board

Mrs. Rong Wang

Chinese Teacher

I am so excited to be a Chinese teacher at Ball High School and Parker Elementary for 10 years. I got a Master's degree at The University of Houston, and I am certified by the state of Texas to teach EC-12 Chinese Class, ESL (EC-12) and AP Chinese Class. I have a great passion in education and am so proud of my students' progresses and accomplishments. No words can express how excited I am when students can speak Chinese well. The old saying of Chinese “Fortune always appreciates a hardworking person." I do my best to teach in a way the kids can learn. Parents and students, thank you for letting me take part in your growth.