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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors of Arts in English Masters of Arts in Education English/Language Arts Certified 6-12 ESL Certified 6-12 Principal Certified PK-12

Ms. Stacey Peterson

English ESOL I and II

I am an ESL (English as a Second Language) English teacher for Newcomers (in the US 3 years or less), and I have been teaching over 20 years. The majority of my teaching years have been with ESL students, but I started teaching Autistic students and then regular English classes in high school and middle school. The last decade of my teaching has been with ESL Newcomers, after working in an immigrant neighborhood in SW Houston at the HISD charter school I helped to create and open, Kaleidoscope/Escuela Caleidoscopio, focusing on small school philosophies and student ownership of their of education. I loved working at that school because it was like a small family and the neighborhood opened their arms to our non-traditional teaching strategies, so that normally low performing, low income, immigrant students began excelling and maintained Exemplary status for many years. I hope to bring those strategies and philosophies here to Ball as a small ESL school inside a school, so that we can all have great successes. My hobbies include reading and bargain shopping, plus and I am foodie, who Instagrams her food. Yes, I do that, and I annoy people, but some restaurants request to use my photos! I applied to the FBI after 5 years of teaching, and there was a hiring freeze. By the time, they called the next year I had a new teaching job and stayed in teaching for the long haul. I truly believe all children can learn and that all children deserve equal education and opportunities in life. I hope to dedicate myself to this at Ball for many years to come.

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