Degrees and Certifications:

Trade and Industrial Certification

Mr. Jose Arreola

Construction Technology Teacher

Hi, my name is Jose Arreola, I have been teaching here at Ball High School for the past 13 years as the Construction Technology teacher. It has been a wonderful experience as a teacher these past 13 years here. I am myself, a former student of Ball High. Unfortunately, I did not graduate from Ball as I was a 9th grade drop out. I made some bad choices when I was younger and did not realize how important getting an education really is. I have been an employee of GISD for the past 27 years. It has been awesome to say I have not had to fill out a job application in all that time. I am so grateful that the people here at GISD that had the faith in my past experience as a maintenance worker then cabinet maker to now school teacher. I blame them for giving me an opportunity to teach the awesome kids of Galveston as well as giving me a chance to go to college something I never thought I would ever say, I am really blessed. Now my job is too express how very important an education really is. Thank you for allowing me to teach your children the wonderful things that they can learn and build in Construction Technology.

Jose Arreola


Syllabus 2017-18