• What is the System of Great Schools?

    • The System of Great Schools is the development of a collaborative vision between the community and the school district to innovate and support choice options to enable all families to ensure that all students are sitting in seats in high performing schools.
    • Districts involved in the SGS Technical Network are working to create opportunities within their communities to create a shared vision of what a "great school" looks like. Once that vision is established then thoughtful actions will be developed to provide families with increased and better educational options for their children. The bottom line is innovative thinking to enable more students to sit in seats in better schools.
    • Galveston ISD is a Schools of Choice District, which supports the SGS work.
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    What other Districts Participate in System of Great Schools?

    What other districts participate in SGS? There are currently three cohorts of districts implementing SGS strategies. Galveston ISD is a member of Cohort. GISD was one of the first districts to become a participating member of SGS, in Cohort 1. (see map below)

    Map of Texas

    What is the District's vision for implementing SGS? What goals does the district expect to meet as a result of implementing SGS?

    Galveston ISD will engage in the SGS work to increase the number of quality seats available to students and reduce barriers to high-quality options for families. Guided by SGS philosophies and supports, Galveston ISD plans to innovate the existing educational ecosystem in the District by strategically incorporating the four SGS levers ( Manage School Performance, Expand Great Options, Improve Access to Options, Foster School Earned Autonomy) to improve outcomes for ALL students. Our mission is to Educate, Engage, and Empower EACH student for a life of Excellence. To actualize this mission, the District will take school actions and continuously improve district support to align with the TEA initiative, SGS - System of Great Schools.