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    The System of Great Schools (SGS) Network is a statewide group of districts committed to a common goal: more students in better schools every year.
    SGS strategy will design and implement a continuous improvement process that annually evaluates school quality, parent demand, and neighborhood needs to take strategic action to both improve schools and provide parents with the schools and programs they desire. Galveston ISD has been a part of SGS since it began in 2017 with Cohort 1 and will continue with SGS for the next 4 years from 2020-2024.
    GISD is a member of the SGS Network which offers collaboration and support within the following school districts.

  • What is the System of Great Schools?

    The Strategy: A System of Great Schools (SGS) Strategy is a district-level problem solving approach that:

    •     seeks to understand school performance and community demands and use that information to make decisions about expanding what works, replacing what doesn’t, and pursuing all possible options to create high-quality, best fit schools;
    •     requires systematic thinking and willingness to pursue all possible options, regardless of governance type, to create the set of school options that families want and deserve;
    •     empowers educators to design and lead campuses or networks of campuses around coherent, specialized school models; and empowers families to make choices that best fit the needs of their children.


GISD System of Great Schools – 2020

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